Welcome to Stripes Editing!

Are you looking for a dependable proofreader to fine-tune your finished manuscript?

Do you need your business material checked for errors?

Are you tired of the same old, dry content on your webpage?

I can help you provide that error-free manuscript to the publisher. I can ensure that your business content looks professional before it gets marketed. And, I can help you gain more web traffic by providing new and refreshing content filled with optimized SEO phrasing.

The Services I Offer

I offer a variety of services to fit your needs. I can edit/proofread any materials such as website content, college essays, speeches, full length novels and books, articles and all business-related materials including flyers, handouts and marketing emails.

Copywriting services include all business-related materials such as web page content, home page content, business flyers, marketing emails, all blogging posts, product descriptions or any other type of business content. I am experienced in utilizing SEO techniques in writing marketing content. I also have experience with WordPress.

Take a look at my samples and what I have to offer and then contact me with your proposal.


To contact me, please email hannah@stripesediting.com.


To reach me by phone, please call 520-249-5627.