About Me and My Work!

I am a freelance editor/writer with a proven track record of meticulous editing, proofreading and writing business-related content including blogs and web page copy.

I have worked in this industry for a number of years and have written for such prestigious businesses as top-rated hotels at Disneyland.

My copywriting projects have extended to states all over the country and other countries as well, including Canada.

I have a proven track record of academic success, with over five years of university studies, multiple awards and honors and top grades in all my courses, with a focus on English and Creative Writing.

I have experience working in the newspaper industry both in compiling copy and proofreading for errors.

Editing/proofreading tasks have included personal essays, collegiate-level essays and stories.


To contact me, please email hannah@stripesediting.com.


To reach me by phone, please call 520-249-5627.